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Minu lets you search and match with your movie mate. Swipe over millions of Minu's user profiles, and drop a star for anyone you want to have a movie date with. Find among endless movies and shows that you both love and enjoy the sweetest movie date ever together.

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Our highlighted features

  • Chat with friends

    Get real-time interaction and enjoy endless funny chat with your friends while watching movies.

  • Create movie room

    Organize a movie party and invite your friend to a private movie room. Only you and your movie mates!

  • Make video call

    Easily make a video call and watch a movie together. Share your real reaction at every movie scene. Just like in a real-life movie theater!

  • Movie date

    Match someone and go on an online movie date with them. Thousands of love movies are available to watch as a couple. What is more romantic than a movie date at home?

  • Free of cost

    Minu is a free match-and-date movie app. Match your movie mates and enjoy endless premium shows and TVs together with cost-free.

  • Customize movie schedule

    Plan a watch party with your partner, schedule your movie time, get informed and enter the movie party together!



23, Edgar, Wisconsin(WI)

  • 5.0

Minu is such an incredibly best place for my friends and me to meet online and have a joyful movie time together. We enjoy thousands of movies and TV series synced from major streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, etc. With Minu, we can stop our movie-searching journey!


28, Nikolai, Alaska(AK)

  • 5.0

I must say Minu is like “a Tinder for movies” . I matched Elsa on this app, and we had a perfect first movie date night here. And now we still enjoy “hanging out” online on this app every week. We chat & talk with each other while watching films. It is just so good for these quarantine days!


30 Flat Rock, Michigan(MI)

  • 5.0

I hate spending time searching for the best to watch. Luckily, Minu keeps me updated with the top trending or popular TVs or shows. It also keeps track of my currently watching movies so that I will not miss any episode. I will not hesitate to give Minu a 5-star rating.